MTV's Satanic "Wonder Showzen"




Is it just me or does the audio sound like it’s been compressed down to 0.2k 1-bit mono?


I grew up in a church where the pastors were simply shocked, and I mean SHOCKED by all the pop-culture irreverence towards all things Christianity (read, pretty much everything that wasn’t listed in the Bible) and that included rock music, television, and “exotic oriental” influences like Chinese food and fortune cookies.

And yes, I left the church, the faith, the belief, and now find this kind of stuff sad and laughable.


That’s the man’s natural voice.


I can somewhat understand his confusion. The idea that MTV would have any programming intended for adults is surprising.


It clearly says TV MA in the top left corner as he screams THIS IS DAY TIMES SHOWS FOR CHILDREN!?!


That’s one of the unintentionally funniest videos I’ve seen all year.


And in other news Pastor Gary Greenwald exposes Queen as agents of Satan


Is “Pastor” Daniel Castle a parody himself? His hilarious delivery, his studied naiveté, weird lack of comprehension and constant repetition of what’s being said in the program all seem too good to be true, a parody of clueless ministers. (That he objects to the characters eating the flesh of God is particularly funny. Yes, that notion is completely alien to Christianity.)


He would be just as pissed off even if he realized it’s a show for adults.


Totally agreed. He needs to be a regular character on Wonder Showzen.


This post has made me very happy!!


I question if he is really fooled. The point is to whip his church into a frothy panic attack. I bet he watched some kids shows, didn’t find enough to get upset about and then found this parody and figured a little white lie would be justified by all the souls he would save (or money collected). I bet there was a blurb at the beginning that stated this show contained mature material and was not for children. But he conveniently left that out of the presentation. Details and facts are for the devil and liberals and so on…


He’s funnier than the show itself, so he definitely adds quite a bit.


Somebody send this guy a copy of Meet the Feebles stat!

The Wonder Shozen guys are also behind the supremely messed up Patton Oswalt show, The Heart, She Holler.


I wonder if this guy gets totally worked up over Onion articles too?


If the pastor is serious or not, how does that matter? The show pretty much sucks, IMNSHO.


It’s targeted at a very specific demographic, that’s for sure. I watched a couple of episodes some time ago and went “This is like a prototype Tim & Eric thing”. Personally, I never find those kind of shows to be funny or watchable, but apparently there is an audience because they keep making them. You don’t have to like everything.


Oh, Pastor Castle. You say “Gomahdder”, I say “Gomorrah”. Let’s call the whole thing off.


Quick, somebody get Brian Eno and David Byrne on the blower! We’ve got another “Help Me Somebody” in the making!