Kentucky man who wished to go to jail to support jailed girlfriend gets wish

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Was he under the impression that he’s get to hang out with her in the same prison cell or something?


This story reminds me of the new Star Wars movies, it’s about family.


So I’m guessing she’s gonna get out before he does…


I used to see stories like these, as confirmation that the “evil genius” tropes we see in movies was just bunk. But knowing about the IQ policies around new hires, I now see it differently. These are the crooks that cops like Barney Fife are smart enough to catch.

For crooks of normal intelligence and above, there’s white collar crime.


This story is just really sad. I can imagine how much psychological pain this guy went through to get him to that point and I feel really sorry for him.


Exactly this; 23.8 grams (damn near an ounce!) of meth is a LOT.

It’s definitely totally messed up, tho, that they used his own scale to weigh his stash. Ouch.


Same. I can’t bring myself to laugh at this.


Agreed! It’s hard to sympathize with someone slinging crys, but I doubt anyone is happy to be doing so. Look at the guy’s face! He’s been through all the shit, and from the story, his sincerity is obvious. I doubt it’s a lack of intelligence. He was drunk. Perhaps this is a lack of privilege, psychosocial support, and book learnin’, but not necessarily a lack of intelligence.

Crys is a horrifying drug. Take it and take some more, and by the time you’re sober and you realize what’s happened, your life may already be destroyed. It’s insidious, cheap as fuck, and being under its thrall makes people into criminals for which society has no empathy. Using it should be considered an illness, not a crime. Crys shouldn’t be legal, and users should be medical patients, not felons.

This is tragedy, not comedy. I wonder about the awareness of anyone laughing at this.

Edit… oh shit! Xeni posted this!? I’m confused and saddened.


♫♫ and they called it puppy loooove ♫♫♫

Ha Ha! Sadly this is not funny. Its a terrible indictment on the state of many things in the US including education, policing, healthcare and inequality.


That’s sweet. He does realize he won’t be in the same cell as her, right? I think if my (hypothetical) girlfriend was in prison my support would have to begin and end with visitation day.

He also realizes that the legal process takes so much time that she would be out of jail long before he goes in, right? Or that the cops don’t decide how much jail time someone gets?

Probably not. This does not exactly sound like a clear thinker to me.

This story makes me very sad.

He was planning to self-declare as female, perhaps? (It seems there are cases in UK where that’s all that’s needed to get seriously considered for a women’s prison.)

Too bad some of their colleagues are more interested in playing catch and release:

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I had a long time romantic monogamous partner go to prison for years for doing illegal stuff while we were together.

And it really did break me in a way that is not describable yet by me.

I’m happy that some people can see that this man as more than just a punchline.

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