Man seeks jail sentence to escape wife


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“I have a gun, give me money.”

That’s how you go to jail, if anyone was wondering.


Wasn’t this an O’Henry story?


Bingo! I was thinking the same thing…


I think the ideal punishment is to compel him to continue living with his wife.


I reckon there’s a goodly number of people who take their minds off their troubles with the sport of seeing just how much they can get away with before going to jail. Seems a likely outcome of this method will be only to snag him in bureaucratic unpleasantness.


Me three.

I guess life does imitate art, sometimes…


Is this guy unaware of the standard techniques of coping with this situation?

By that I of course mean fishing trips.


Nope. Runs afoul of the Eighth Amendment.


Am I the only person who has had periods of intrusive thoughts so pervasive and unpleasant I thought I might snap and do something horrible and so began thinking of the best ways to guarantee my own sequester?

The prospect of losing all my stuff has been the only thing that has kept me from pulling a VC for a few months. Jail was on the table sometimes depending in my level of mania.

I look at this and I see someone who was contemplating murder/suicide due to reasons and made a hail mary play.



Hire her as warden.


There was also something similar in the last year or three wherein a homeless man did this for medical care and shelter.


At least now she can’t pester him while he’s playing Solitary.


You still have to come home some time…


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