Kentucky's governor insisted that investment bankers could provide broadband. He was wrong.

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That’s odd, don’t investment banks usually have the best interests of the citizenry at heart, and aren’t they the smartest people in the world so they can figure out anything regardless of prior expertise? Who could have seen this coming? (everybody)


This looks like a job for Old Bub.


Australians are particularly shit at broadband roll out. Witness the cluster fuck that is our NBN.


I wonder how much was wasted on that unbelievably ugly and fucking stupid logo?


At least the KCNA uses Copperplate instead of Comic Sans.


Hey all his friends are making tons of $$ so, the plan is working.


Post offices are good to sell people bonds, credit cards, cellphone plans and post accounts.
So an investment bank should be good at rolling out broadband.

Makes sense.

Welcome aboard, Comrade (unless you are a Long-Time-Lurker-First-Time-Poster, in which case, welcome out of the shadows).


It is almost as though Capitalism isn’t the best way to serve the public good. :open_mouth:


I am sure not all was for naught and the appropriate individuals and corporations got the usual cut on the proceedings.

It usually happens when you give a public contracts to companies that lack any expertise on the field, oldest trick in the book

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I could be confused about this, but isn’t the Governor who did this former-Governor Bevin? Gov Andy Beshear wasn’t Governor when this was set up, or did he create this situation while Attorney General? I don’t see any mention of Andy Beshear, the new Governor.

Kentuckywired sounds like a term that should take its place alongside jury-rigged or jerry-built.

“OMG, this network is completely Kentuckywired!”


It is now.

It also sounds like the mental state one gets in after smoking particularly dodgy crystal meth.

Yeah, I thought Ketuckywired was a new meth delivery service.

Yep, my confusion. Not remembering that Beshear the Younger’s father was Governor also.

Beashear was not gov of Kentucky until he was voted in last month. Matt Bevin, professional loser, was gov during the time of this particular fiasco. Please get basic facts correct when presenting the news.

You are correct. The article is incorrect. Bad reporting.

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