Kevin Smith opens up about trauma after spending a month in a mental health facility

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I knew there was a reason I liked this guy - thank you Kevin Smith, for your story and inspiration, and for making it easier for all those who struggle, even a little.


a few months ago I saw a Clerks 3 showing and Kevin came out and took questions form the audience. He took 1 hour to answer 1 question (which was pretty hilarious and awkward at the same time). During that talk (I don’t even remember what the question was) he got into mental health. I think the person asking had mentioned they had depression issues and his movies helped him out or something. Kevin mentioned something about how he’s never had to go through those types of issues and didn’t really understand them. When he said that I immediately had a feeling he was deflecting and was probably going through something himself. But then I thought nah, he’s probably just a lucky one to never have to face depression and anxiety. Looks like my first instinct was right. Proud of him for talking about it. When I was at my worst, simply talking about it was the best therapy.


This is the right way to be a celebrity. I wish him and those he inspires well on their journeys to recovery and peace.


Beat me to it, but I’ll pile on anyway - this is the right way to use one’s platform. He’s brave and honorable and generous by sharing his experience and making this PSA.

Good on ya, mate!


That heart attack he had really changed him a lot already. It’s unfortunate to hear he’s also had mental health issues, but it’s great that just like with the heart thing, he’s talking about his experience with the aim of helping others.


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I have to say… When so many dudes end up being problematic assholes, Smith continues to evolve and show that he’s a good egg, overall. I’m glad he’s taking a page from Wil Wheaton’s book and sharing his struggles in order to help others… Maybe not all his movies are great, but I still love his work and appreciate him and his nerdiness!


I really want to watch this interview, but subject sounds too heavy to listen to today.

I hope Kevin came out on the side better than when he went in.


You could tell Kevin Smith was a good apple from the moment he first told the story of how he took care of Jason Mewes. There was a kid who desperately needed someone to save him and Kevin stepped up and did so for no reason other than someone had to do it and he was there.


Indeed! Even after Mewes stole from him, he kept supporting him. That’s a good guy right there…

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