Kevin Smith buries the hatchet with Bruce Willis

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I do recall hearing/reading a while back that he was difficult to work with, wonder how much of that was due to his natural personality vs the condition with Aphasia making it hard for him to properly communicate and socialize. Either way it must be very hard to manage such a condition and i wish him the best.


Kevin Smith sounds like a genuinely good guy who just wants to cheer everyone on. I’ve been listening to his Hollywood Babble-On podcast for years, and Bruce Willis came up as a joke quite frequently because, and it became quite clear over time, Smith was hurt and disappointed by him. There was a time a couple years back when Smith was willing to forgive him because Willis called him out of the blue.

Of course he called the wrong Kevin in his phone, which just became another layer to a story about being disappointed with having meet a hero. That part of the story will surely be looked at differently now, too.

It makes sense that Smith has jumped at the opportunity to let it go. No telling if Willis was showing signs of aphasia back then or if it developed later over the past decade, but it doesn’t matter. There’s a lesson to be learned from the realization that we can’t know what’s going on with a person and bringing yourself to a point where you stop carrying the resentment on your shoulders.


Never easy going back and mending fences you once trampled, but it is worth its weight in gold to rid yourself of that bullshit.


I’ll save you several minutes of your life. That “context” video with Kevin Smith says nothing except he thinks Bruce Willis is a dick. The rest was about weed.


I feel like anyone who was a fan of Bruce Willis feels upset by him for all of these horrible B movies he is barely in, full of body doubles that show the back of a head and stilted scenes where it is clear there isn’t even another actor in the room. Seriously, for a person who was like “I love acting”, why even bother with these churned out, phoned in performances.

TL;DR, never click on a Bruce Wills movie on Netflix or Hulu that you have never heard of. You will wish you hadn’t.

That said, if his choices and performance for the last several years were because of his ailment, then it is understandable and unfortunate. But I am not really sure that is the case for all of them.

And I am a fan. Some of my favorite movies starred him, like Die Hard and The Fifth Element. So I am saddened by the recent news :frowning:


I would say the moral is to avoid making drawn-out feuds out of petty differences in the first place so you don’t end up with hatchets that need burying. This one ended amicably enough but it sounds like Smith would have been wracked with regret if Willis had died of a stroke or something before Smith had an opportunity to let it go.


I agree, there have been people who have wronged me and sometimes i do get upset when i think about it but at the end of the day i don’t really hold any animosity in my heart because its just not something i have the energy to sustain. I just don’t think about some people and move on though that’s very much a personality quirk of mine. It must be hard to get over hurt feelings if these people are colleges in the same business, i’ll give Smith that much.

Hope that some day Bruce Willis can speak more about his condition and how he’s doing and feeling.


What’s the moral of the story? If you have to be a famous Smith, be a Kevin and not a Will.

…or a morrissey


I’m still waiting for Kevin Smith to apologize for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.


Word, let that unnecessary baggage go…


Oh yes, Kevin has a lot of cinematic sins to atone for.


I defend Hudson Hawk to this day.


We don’t talk about the Return of Bruno.



Hudson Hawk is a top five movie for me. The heist set to Swinging on a Star, the giddy ridiculousness of Coburn’s performance, MacDowell’s dolphin…the entirety of Sandra Bernhard! I won’t pretend it’s a good film but it is an awesome movie.


I just re-watched that a few months ago. Kinda goofy, but fun.


Hudson Hawk is an underrated classic. It’s a shame that Willis made his name as an action star because he was excellent as a light romantic comedy lead.


Genuinely one of my favourite films




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