Bruce Willis has dementia

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This is sad. It’s a sad way to go. I’m not particularly for or against Bruce Willis but I sure wouldn’t wish this on anyone or their family.


That’s just horrible. I hope that his announcement can spur some research into causes, mitigation, or even a cure. What a horrible thing to suffer through.


I’m guessing he knew about this before it was public and that is one reason he did metric shiat-ton of movies in the last few years while he still could. I mean 24 films in 2 years is a lot.


Yeah the Razzies actually rescinded his “Worst Performance” award when his aphasia diagnosis was first announced.

Probably a good case study for why they should just end the Razzies altogether. It’s mean-spirited in the best of times.


This is, in a general sense, sad. It doesn’t matter who this happens to, it’s not something you, as a family member, want to see your relatives go through.
I hope all his friends and family can show how much they care for him while he can still process it.


His handlers had him do a shit-ton of movies while they still could.

Those working on the films later said Willis appeared confused, did not understand why he was there and had to be fed lines through an earpiece.[57] Days before Willis was scheduled to arrive on set for Out of Death (2021), the screenwriter was instructed to reduce his role and abbreviate his dialogue, and the director, Mike Burns, was told to complete all of Willis’ scenes in a single day of filming.[57] The Golden Raspberry Awards, an annual award for the year’s worst films and performances, created a dedicated category, the Worst Bruce Willis Performance in a 2021 Movie, for his roles in eight films released that year.[61]


That’s very unfortunate; I guess the only silver lining is that his estate can afford to have in-home care.


Tell me he’s an American without telling me he’s an American.


As the link @GagHalfrunt provides alludes to, a lot of them were “geezer teasers”. These are b-movies where an older movie star gets a big pay cheque for a day or two’s work and a few minutes of screen time. The producers then get to slap his name on the posters and trailers as the picture’s “star” even though it’s basically a cameo appearance.

In Willis’ case, it was a smart way to build a long-term care fund quickly. I wish him and his family well in his struggle against this real-life horror.


I do wonder if Michael J. Fox being so public about his parkinson’s diagnosis has helped with greater research and fund raising? I hope so, for both.


Yeah, I was scrolling through Netflix of Hulu and found Hard Kill as it had just come out. Not realizing that he was in a bunch of B grad movies - I didn’t know what I was getting into. Yikes, it was not good.

I then found out he was in a bunch of movies in phoned in roles. At the time it was said that he was just dong low effort movies for easy money. It wasn’t said that his cognitive abilities were compromised. And if that was the case for Hard Kill or any other movies I had seen, then I apologize for being harsh. :confused:


… that’s brutal :cry:


I was never a huge fan, but he has been in a few movies that I really love - 5th Element (I know. Shut up), Moonrise Kingdom. I wish that he had not supported people that are trying to hurt other people, but he himself always seemed okay and not as bad personally as the people that he supported in order to get this taxes lowered. I know…it’s still bad. I guess it’s like how I justify buying Gary Numan* tickets (APRIL!).

*Gary has always seemed like someone that was ripped off by the Music Industry and ended up blaming the wrong people when he turned out to be broke. Still wrong though


It’s basically a comic-book movie

It was a little ahead of its time


In, I assume, the very best meaning of the phrase

Or fight me


SEE ALSO: Buckaroo Banzai

way way way ahead of its time




Wait… who did he blame?

Also, obligatory…



Basically the government and TAXES. He’s was (repeatedly) ripped off by labels and management, and did have huge tax problems…which his management and accountants were far more responsible for than anything else. A pretty common story in the music industry, as I am sure you know. He has always seemed to have a heart though, so I give him a break on supporting the Tories for financial reasons.

I am part of the problem. But I can understand how he got there and he really does seem to not be a hateful person in any way. Just got ripped of and promoted lame

Oblig Oblig:

ETA: Fuck Howie Klein, btw. Bugs me whenever I see him show up as a producer on something I like to this day