Kevin Spacey's creepy Frank Underwood video: now with Director's Commentary

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It’s a challenge to find a talented director who will work on one of these direct-to-jail projects.


I met an old creep in Nantucket

He was handsy and shady as fuck. It

was time to move on

when he went to the john.

I’m a kid, but I really can huck it.

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That nobody between Spacey and getting this released thought that it might not be a good idea and did something about it is truly baffling.

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What? No excerpts? No effing way am I watching that again .




Somewhere, somebody that had no intention of ever hiring James Urbaniak, has decide that they will never work with him. I wonder if it goes the other way around?

If you are unfamiliar with him, but are between 30 and 60 years old and grew up in Canada or the U.S. watching too much T.V. as a kid, I recommend the Venture Brothers. There he is the voice of Dr. Venture. (Watch a looping stream of every episode via Adult Swim).

He’s also in Dave Made a Maze, Trailer Below.

It’s a good fun movie. It’s a semi-horror/thriller/fantasy/théâtre de l’absurde movie set in a cardboard world. There are movie and literary references a plenty in it, and it has wonderful casting, including James Urbaniak.


If the advent of social media has had one lasting impact on our society, it is “removing barriers for famous people to share their terrible ideas to the public without having to go through their publicists first.” Just look at how many careers have been brought down by the shit people post on Twitter.


It does help weed out the assholes though so I’m all for it. Sure, people can change, but a years-long history of homophobic or racist Tweets, for example? Yeah, bye-bye…


And it’s…
… why hello Mr. President.


Hot take: by 2020, a celebrity will be outed as a literal serial killer.

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I’d like to hear the voice-over commentary where the actors explains what they were actually thinking.

(Regarding not this “Directors Cut”, but going back to Spacey’s original video:)
I still don’t understand what Spacey was trying to achieve there.
Or, rather, how he could have possibly thought making the video could benefit him.

So, he was trying to convince people that he was “just” being a psychopath? When does Psychopaths be psychopathin' ever work as an excuse? I still are confused.


If “celebrity” in this context includes “head of state” - no bets.


Perhaps some twisted reasoning along the lines of: “Convince people that my actions were just part of being ‘in character’ and therefore somehow excusable.”

Person faces no consequences for decades of unethical behavior because he’s a famous actor, and because he came make bad choices with no repercussions. Crimes and repercussions eventually catch up to him. Possibly as part of the “Denial” and “Bargaining” phase, he tries to act his way out of his predicament.


“I still don’t understand what Spacey was trying to achieve there.
Or, rather, how he could have possibly thought making the video could benefit him.”

Maybe he’s just shameless.

I can no longer enjoy a Kevin Spacey movie. I tried to watch “21” the other day but was unable to stay immersed. Every few minutes Spacey’s character would say or do something that resonated with the actor’s real-life predatory behaviour.

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Yes. He’s a seducer. He has seduced young boys, the camera, the audience, and he is playing his power move with no indication that #METOO has changed the landscape. The only way it could be creepier is if he filmed it in his bedroom .

That wasn’t “seduction,” it was just straight-up sexual assault.