Kevin Spacey made 'House of Cards' set 'toxic' with sexually 'predatory' behavior, sources say

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Don’t know if you meant it that way, but it sounds oddly dismissive of what might be a sincere effort to get help changing one’s behavior.


Don’t be too harsh. After all, he’s a drunk gay man. /s


Guess his personal House of Cards is collapsing.


only the toes knows


I’m guessing that she did mean it that way, for the simple reason that - if this were a “sincere” effort - you’d think it would have come sooner. Waiting until everybody in the world knows about your shenanigans and then running to “treatment” is not a good look.

Of course, there are such things as genuine jailhouse conversions, but they’re frankly scarcer than hen’s teeth. Dollars to donuts, this is not “a sincere effort to get help changing one’s behavior.”


We all know, nothing motivates addicts with utterly inappropriate boundaries to behave better quite like shame and ridicule. (which also drives them away from treatment, FYI folks).


Gee, I’m shocked.

No, not really.


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Neither is “did I mention I’m choosing to live as a gay man now?”

Ain’t nobody coming to this creep’s coming out party.



I hate that I might be perceived as defending Spacey with this, but …

Hitting “rock bottom” is very often the catalyst that gets someone to admit they have a problem/need help/are behaving badly. This could be his rock bottom.


All eight people, each of whom spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional repercussions for speaking out

And after all that has come out in the last few weeks that is very telling and disappointing. It’s high time to stop aiding and abetting this behaviour.


He must be at least triple gay, now!

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this. Thank you. You are not defending him.

If anything you’re defending everyone else from their rush to condemn someone who might be sick for making everyone uncomfortable. (and yes, assaulting them sexually for which he should be held responsible)

We are still allowed to care about victims AND perps as human beings.


I heard this was going to be his Halloween costume with a Brad Pitt Look-a-like following him around asking “What’s in the box?”



Glad to know i’m not let down seeing people already defending him, again.

Ok. Challenge accepted


Let me be the first to say, “EWWWWWWW!”

If it was sincere he would have done it before getting outed in the media


It’s not rock bottom. He’s a narcissistic asshole and will simply regard his critics as inferior.


We can hope that the HOC writers come up with a suitable demise for Spacey’s character. Art imitates life.

The original ending to the prior series would suit someone who is as you describe.


It’s not rock bottom. He’s a narcissistic asshole and will simply regard his critics as inferior.

I am careful about this. Spacey hasn’t denied a thing, or badmouthed an accuser yet, has he? (if so, let me know, please!).

Narcissists - they can only attack back. there IS NO SELF REFLECTION in a Narcissist, only YOUR OWN REFLECTION.

If you don’t love them, they will try to destroy you. If you accuse, they table turn and dissemble. They never say “maybe that happened” as spacey at first said. They never say “Yeah, I probably did do something like that” which is where I last heard Spacey to be on these allegations.

Open to more evidence of the above Narcissist behavior. Have not seen it yet.

I’ve seen some people who have been victimized by narcissists ACT a lot like them, but it’s different. Their degraded boundaries will never be the NO boundaries of a true narcissist. Victims can heal, and many of them ARE PERPS in the “hurting people hurt people” theory.

A narcissistic person, and a narcissist, are not quite interchangeable terms. The latter is an unsolvable problem. the former can be managed IMO, and can accept responsibility.

Narcissists neither truly feel hurt that kind of hurt, nor are they IMO fully people, nor can they ‘heal’ their character disorder. Narcissism isn’t a sickness, it’s non biological.

I’m going to wait to judge Spacey that harshly, but I do respect that POV, and I suspect you and I have seen a few similar things in this jungle that is life.

Thank you for saying. Sing it!