A "deeply troubled" Netflix cancels House of Cards after Kevin Spacey revelation


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/30/a-deeply-troubled-netflix.html


Yup. Because the fixers could no longer keep it under wraps, I assume.


Pedophilia is a tuff sell. Who knew…


The Guardian is reporting a slightly different narrative:

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Guardian Australia that the decision to end the show was made months earlier, and not in response to the allegations about Spacey surfacing.


This is a REALLY misleading headline- the show had already announced they would stop at season six. (Edited to say- I should read the comments first- see above^^^^^^^)


What’s the over under on him coming out just after apologizing for being accused of making advances on a teen while drunken, i do think he should have done that at a later time

I want to know how Meechum feels. . .


NYTimes says the same https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/30/business/media/house-of-cards-spacey.html?_r=0


I have a funny feeling there’s a pun in the name of the show about to burst.


Oh no, one less show celebrating pathology. What a loss.



Why are people surprised when someone who displayed bad judgement keeps displaying bad judgement? I can’t even.

Look at the guy. He’s no role model; he wasn’t before, and still isn’t today.

It’s like judging someone with a limp, for limping.


I assume anyone involved with the show would rather the story of the ending be about a scapegoat rather than their driving their own show into the ground.

People love scapegoats.


I’ve learned to count on that.


Well idk about other people, speaking for myself, but its not that I’m surprised, I’m just like " oh. . .you’re going to do that now ? :confused: "
Because it is bad judgememt, and i just figured he was better than that, I’ve only seen him make an appearance once outside of House of Cards so i can’t say i have a good read on him(. . .but then he’s an actor and those people seem to always have more emotional problems than the average person)

He says he doesn’t remember becuase blackout drunk, so it could be a one time offender situation, and he apologized ( because he had to but still ) and then he does that and its just like “not now”

Anyway, we’ll see what happens tomorrow and if more people come out of the woodwork then yes, I’ll be surprised, but for now this is just shitty and wished both: that he wouldn’t have a reason to apologize & that he would have come out on better circumstances


At least our fictional Presidents are being called to task for their sex crimes.


Well, there’s a choice to not make again!

We’re on very similar pages about Spacey, really. I’ve liked his work, but I avoid meeting famous people because they’re always people, and that’s inevitably disappointing.



Boing Boing are not beyond using clickbait headlines and leaving out pertinent information to tell a good story.

Multiple sources have clearly stated that had made their decision to cancel the show months before. Highly doubt they’ll correct this.

None the less, Spacey, what a despicable human trashbag.




You have a long road of learning ahead of you, based on how often you seem to feel personally attacked by posters here. I wish you good luck.


so I imagine there are fans of House of Cards that are pretty pissed at Netflix and Rapp right now.


Yeah, I watched the first episode of House of Cards recently. While I would have to admit that it was well done, I also couldn’t help but think to myself, “I really miss West Wing.”