A "deeply troubled" Netflix cancels House of Cards after Kevin Spacey revelation


keep on with the assumptions, they’re really your strong suit.

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I’ve only seen the original.


To me, The West Wing is part of the problem.



You’ll be shocked – shocked – if you ever read any Shakespeare.


“House of Cards” stopped being good after the second season. It just felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with the characters after that.


So, Spacey was a bad guy pretending to be a good guy pretending to be a bad guy?

Who’s next? Hanx? Please, not Hanx! (Internal Dialogue: Calm down, calm down. Can’t be Hanx. Hanx is always “good guy pretending to be good guy.” Never could be Hanx.)

I think we have to give Spacey credit for coming up with a much more inventive response than Weinstein, whose response was “Omg, that was wrong? You know I was born in the '60s? Anyways, Imma dash to rehab for the “cure.” I’ll be right back. [minutes later] So, we good?”



Agree. I was binging in the middle of Season 5, and then just asked “Why am I doing this?” It’s kind of the same reaction I had when I saw:

The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute.



I avoid meeting movie stars in particular. Having seen them for years on giant cinema screens, I always feel like the real person is some sort of miniature model.


I’d like to point out that Spacey unlike other offenders accepts that this may have happened, is aware of the emotional turmoil he may have inflicted and sincerely apologizes for it. So far this is the only public accusation against him, that I know of. So he’s a flawed human being (everybody is), maybe even severly flawed, but it would seem that in his core there is integrity. This puts him in a different category than say Weinstein who categorically denies any wrongdoing.

Also how could you criticize his decision to come out as bisexual now? That’s entirely his decision to make. Living in the closet does a number on you. He appears to be addressing this. And I can respect that.


If you’ve seen the various British series (House of Cards, To Play The King, and The Final Cut) which the US House of Cards is based on, you’ll know that it has to end soon anyway. I really doubt that recent accusations about Spacey really played a role in this.


That’s my preception of them, artists in general really


That’s what’s weird.

He said he’s had relationships with both men and women, yet now chooses to live as a gay man.

He’s either:
Unintentionally ignorant of what bisexuality is.
Intentionally ignorant of what bisexuality is.
Deliberately implying being gay is a choice.
Unintentionally associating gayness with choice.

To me, his words were so carefully chosen to avoid culpability that they forgot to wordsmith the elephant in the room: you do a huge disservice to the gay community by saying things how he did. No wonder people have such a strong reaction to it.

People are already ignorant of the biological reality. A large swathe of America still completely buys the Baptist propaganda that being gay is a lifestyle choice. And throw on top of that an almost complete and utter black hole of ignorance about bisexuality, gender dynamics and any subtlety whatsoever to human sexuality…

In short, Kevin Spacey fucked up a long time ago and is still doing it.


I’ll have to think about what you wrote, because I still don’t get it.

Unintentionally associating gayness with choice.

That’s the interpretion I would choose. But I didn’t originally read his statement like that. (But of course I also don’t believe that one’s sexual orientation is a choice.)

His orientation is bi, but he intends to only get involved with men in the future. I see no problem there. As I understand it and have witnessed from friends one’s interest in genders can drift over the years.

And I mean, educating the American population about the LGBT plight is not his obligation, right? He’s certainly not a poster child for the community anyway if he used to come on to teenagers. Phew!


Of course. I implied nothing otherwise. But did he? It’s wide open for interpretation.

No, and we don’t have to accept him unconditionally, either. He opened himself up for a fair amount of criticism. I used the word fair intentionally, because it is fair to criticise someone when they state things the way he did.

Hollywood, for all its avant garde, cutting-edge morality has some dark corners. A few people really take the cake.


Except, of course, a limper doesn’t destroy other people’s lives


I’m shocked you’d compare HoC to Shakespeare.


I can tell you enjoy metaphor. /s


Sexual assault brings down president

Sad that it’s only in fiction that we care so much about abuse of power