Key net neutrality vote Tuesday: The whole Internet is watching

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… politicians that don’t cater to special interest lobbyists in exchange for filthy lucre or favor. Or for the populace to finally rise up and say that enough is enough.

Lacking those two things, sure, call your Congress critter. It might make a difference, provided they aren’t already bought and paid for by the industries they are “investigating/regulating”. If they are, expect to receive platitudes and fuck all else. At least that’s what I get every time I write or call Doug Lamborn.

To be clear, I’m not saying to not call. I’m saying call, and then do something else as well. Calling alone just will not do it.


Yep I recently called on my (perfectly gerrymandered) Representative for help. No reply.


Yeah. You have to make contributions before any politician will listen to you. When’s the last time you followed up a call or letter with a check? They don’t work for free, you know.

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I suggest saying nothing. That way they’ll listen to you for sure! Also, never vote because it’ll totally be wasted.

Look, politicians for the most part do listen when their constituents call. Do they do what their constituents want? Not often enough. But if enough people complain sometimes they will listen.

Not contacting them because you’re sure in advance they won’t listen is defeatist.

Looks like the measure has passed. Crikey.

Here’s a working video link to the hearings:

Reposted by popular demand.


You might think that, but when the figures are released it always seems like companies are buying off our politicians for the price of a base model Toyota or so.

Mine was already supporting the bill.

Ah, but to a little person like me, that’s sizable. Plus our politicians operate on volume.

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