To do right now: watch the Senate vote on whether to discuss saving Net Neutrality

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Thanks to Cory and BoingBoing for all their advocacy, organizing and leadership on this. Much appreciated. Your analysis here is also useful. Hopefully this will be an issue that can thread the strange topography of our current political state for a win.


Campaign contributions are important: no one gets elected to Federal office without a lot of money; but it doesn’t matter how much money you get if you don’t get any votes. Net Neutrality is going to be an election issue in 2018, and everyone who votes against it today gives their opponents a giant spiky club to beat them with.

Until net neutrality turns into a “single issue” for many voters like abortion or guns, I think that the effect will be muted. Of course the internet has become a bigger part of many people’s lives over the last 10-15 years so perhaps that day is coming.




Too much money at stake for “our” elected officials to vote with our best interest in mind.

Common carrier laws are to much to ask for, and it is in our best interest to let the telcos dictate the flow of information. (Sorry for the bleeding sarcasm)

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Now wouldn’t be ironic if an ISP just happened to rate limit this stream down to a measly 28kbps.

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