'Kick the Balls (of Patriarchy)' and other cheeky on-topic hyrrs, ie. feminist hymns


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Ugh… who’s surprised by that?


Now the word ‘hymn’ is part of the patriarchy? I don’t want to live on this planet any more.


It’s a play on words for a laugh.


Wait, don’t you get it?? Feminazis have been backing men into a corner and taking over everything, to the point that if men could afford to join Elon Musk on his trip to Mars, they’d all go, stat! (except for the pantywaists, of course).


Stop laughing! You KNOW we’re feminist kill joys!


Can you imagine living on a planet in which one sex of the inhabitants dominates everything including the other sex?

Scary stuff that is.


No such thing could EVER exist! That’s just more feminazi propaganda!


Yeah, that’s pretty clever.


Hymn and her;


Music, humour and addressing social issues. This is the perfect trinity of win to me.



What other Hyrrs do we already have?


Pantywaist here, thanks for remembering us. :grin:


Got to say that “hyrr” is the stupidest neologism I’ve heard this month, so far.

The actual songs aren’t half bad, though! :slight_smile:


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