Kickstarter for the Bitty -- a pocket drum machine/synthesizer

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It’s cool, and all projects associated with pocket synthesizer-sequencers are to be supported. However, don’t forget about these things!

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A pocket drum machine is not what I think of when I hear the word “bitty”


Cool, but I get a little annoyed with how certain sounds break up in their low-fi way (bass drum has some choppy treble aftereffects like from very low sample rate). I imagine a lot of these newer devices will be cheap in the used market over time. I found this thing somewhere, it was almost immediately outdated, and the functionality is kind of limited (just drum pads with no rhythms, doesn’t always play smoothly, also has the lo-fi sample rate problem), best part is its super cheap.

this looks neat. If it wasn’t on Kickstarter I would probably be interested.

What then? Have we traveled back in time to say, 1970? That sounded like twentieth century crap synthesizer “music”

Try fitting a 1970 drum machine in your pocket, though:

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