Kickstarter for the blackest black paint in the world

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One of my greatest regrets is that I was out of art school by the time the whole Kapoor-vs.-Semple feud kicked off, and therefore didn’t have the opportunity to receive some kind of academic assignment credit for a well-written defense of my artistic opinion that the sheer level of petty, performative trolling (and I mean that in an admiring way, at least regarding Semple… Kapoor is just a jerk) involved acts as a work of art in its own right.


I’m thinking about backing this. I have 2 ideas in my mind at the moment for Black 3.0

The first one might be a looping yoyo painted in that black. Can you imagine doing/seeing looping tricks with a tiny handheld black hole? The visual effect could end up looking redonkulous

The second was an even more crazy idea for use in vocaloid concerts (I don’t want to go to into detail about that idea openly at the moment).




Hotblack might have to bring his ship in for a re-spray.


Great paint to use for those fake tunnels


I have some of the black 2.0. It’s very dark. I may have to order more, but I wish that the acrylics had a thicker texture that I could dilute to get a fluid consistency. It’s basically jet black with the texture of barbecue sauce on a hot day.


I reckon Kapoor and to some extent Vantablack have gotten vastly more publicity than they ever would have gotten otherwise, and Semple’s probably sold quite a bit of pigment too. And everyone else gets to write papers for publication in the journals. Everyone wins!


I dunno much about black, but this is stellar use of internet.


Vantablack 1.0 is the only paint Kapoor has rights to, which is notoriously difficult to work with in a non-research environment because its not applied like regular paint. It’s a 3D structure/coating that has to be carefully applied. Alternatively the Black 2.0 and 3.0 are infinitely more usable, plus Kapoor can go pound sand.


Probably obligatory


I was lucky enough to try the beta version of the black, from what I can make out a fair bit of effort went into making it smell nice.

Also, it is very black!


Are you Anish Kapoor?

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No! The answer is none! None more black!


You laugh, but… that literally happened

(Or I suppose the reverse of it: a hole that looks like a painting instead of a painting that looks like a hole.)


If only the Coyote sold those fantastic wall paintings then he could afford something to eat!

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I remember that very well, that one actually used the Vanta black 1.0, which made that guy’s poor lapse of judgement worse if you consider that he likely inhaled some of the particulate from the coating. It’d be like inhaling asbestos.

It makes the entire situation that much more delicious for me… Kapoor went to all that trouble to obnoxiously obtain sole rights to make art with the stuff, and then the art piece he does winds up being an attractive nuisance that injures someone.

(As a rule, one should not step on artwork. However, I am of the mind that an eight-foot pit full of hazardous chemicals with no safety barrier in place automatically turns any room in which it is housed into a supervillain lair.)


It would be a hell of a trap. Fill a room with black circles. Some of them might be just paint, some might be an 8ft drop with spikes all painted in the vanta black.

I do wonder how strange it would be to be in a room fully painted in this type of 99% black.


I have a feeling that would be the visual equivalent of an anechoic chamber, except instead of slowly driving your mind to madness with the lack of sound it would do so with a lack of light reflecting.

If you combine this with one, and block out both light and sound, stepping into it would be like stepping out of the universe. No stimuli left but smell.

I imagine it would drive you quite insane quite quickly.