British artist with exclusive rights to use Vantablack pigment is forbidden to buy Black 2.0 pigment


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I rather liked this blurb I saw on Imgur a while ago.

The important takeaway is that even if you use the spray-on version of Vantablack, it requires a bake at over 100°C, which puts some limitations on the materials you can use it with.


I want to see somebody “deface” Kapoor’s art with this!


Hotblack Desiato (Front man of “Disaster Area”, the plutonium rock band) would presumably use this stuff to touch up any parking dings his spaceship received while parked at TRATEOTU.


Every time you try and operate these weird black controls that are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up in black to let you know you’ve done it.


I would call this a “first world problem” except that 99.999999999 percent of first worlders are indifferent to it.


Blackest black? Not any more. I just imagined an even blacker black that’s so black it makes his black look white. It’s got buckminsterfullerene. And electrolytes. And I just patented, trademarked and copyrighted it. I installed DRM too.

Take that.


There’s also an intensely pink pigment distributed with a restriction against Kapoor, in response to his exclusive rights over Vantablack. Kapoor apparently got some anyway and used it to Instagram an image of his pink-daubed middle finger.

Anyone interested in this topic might want to check out the BBC Radio 4 documentary “Owning Colour”.


Two friends of mine order these. Curious what it looks like.

I won’t lie, if I could afford it I would get a 2nd suit, slouch hat, and cloak and coat all of it in this stuff. Assuming it would “paint” on fabric. Imagine how much the red would pop if the blacks reflected nothing - my Shadow costume would look like a comic book cover.


I ordered some… Apparently, according to the maker, one could thin it out and use it as a dye. I am thinking about dying some yarn.


I am reminded of Hitchhiker’s Guide… i forget which book, but there’s a bit where the main character runs across a rock star’s space ship and it’s SO BLACK that it reflects nothing, even his finger print slides off the ship after he touches it.


dude, this stuff is BLACK CHERRY SCENTED. vantablack can languish for all i care.


I want my baby back.



i understand it’s black.


But I’m blacker than black
Flatter than flat
You’re the only light
This empty room does not reflect
Life without you is gonna be
Blacker than blacker


Ah yes, I think I’ve heard of that. Black 3.0, right?



You probably don’t realize how unfortunate this comment is. Kapoor’s art was the subject of a big kerfluffle back in 2015 when it was defaced with antisemitic graffiti.