British artist with exclusive rights to use Vantablack pigment is forbidden to buy Black 2.0 pigment


Hmm - keep me in mind, even in a PM, on how it worked. I think my hat is a felt… fabric is a crepe. My cloak cost some money. So did my suit, but it is old… I could use a new one… Or just find one at a thrift store. The cloak though has red satin on the inside, so a dye wont work…

Good luck with your project.


I’m not going to support vandalism, and the particular incident you cite is terrible.

Still, at least the idea of someone painting over Kapoor’s use of his exclusively licensed super-black pigment with a different, equally super-black pigment, in a manner undetectable to the naked eye, would be amusing.


Shepard Fairey would be proud.


Well yeah.


Missed that somehow, not at all an intentional reference, and thanks for pointing it out so I could clarify here!


Thou black-hearted rogue!


I’m not sure this ban will hurt the guy who has the world exclusive rights to the blackest black much.


No one posted this?


Every time I see a story about scientists trying to create even blacker materials, I shake my head. Face it folks, back in 93, THIS was and is, the blackest thing ever:


Black 2.0?

So what they saying is:



Well, I’m going to patent the black of a black hole. It’s so effin’ black that nary a photon escapes to register in yer wee rods 'n cones!



One gets the impression that ‘plays well with others’ is not on his list of objectives.


Still emits though. But mostly in ELF. Damn Hawking Radiation, ruining my pristine black.


No one’s done one this yet? Seriously?

EDIT: @TheGreatParis beat me to it, and I utterly failed to notice. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


Possibly my favorite fact in all the world is that Hotblack Desiato is a real person.

Bonus link - the page above with the picture of HD’s storefront led me to this, the best jargon generator I’ve ever encountered: (press the button at the top of the page)

Steve Bannon digs the occult

“___________” is the new black.


Or this…


“Orange 3.1 is the new Black 4.2”


Paint what black? I don’t know what you’re talking about.