British artist with exclusive rights to use Vantablack pigment is forbidden to buy Black 2.0 pigment


That New Age Bullshit generator is fantastic, and slightly believable. I found the random copy to be dangerously pleasing and uplifting, you might have just infected me with a memetic virus. No worries if I just remember that “Dogma is born in the gap where serenity has been excluded.”


Well, I just read there that “Without passion, one cannot vibrate.”

Which of course is exactly in the wrong order, so I withdraw my endorsement of the site.


Actually he had someone buy the “world’s pinkest pink” made by the same dude as Black 2.0, which he also banned from being used by Anish Kapoor. He coated his middle finger in it and took a picture of himself sticking it up on Instagram. So I think he’s pretty butt hurt.


Ahem… :point_up:


Hmm… going to have to figure out how to not have it emit.

Or… Take a more Zen approach!

How black was the darkness before you had eyes to see?

That’s what I’m patenting. A dark so dark that it’s merely a concept.


Well… I mean, black holes have infinite density. And they radiate more and at higher frequencies the lower their mass… So we just need a black hole of infinite mass and that’ll give us something perfectly black!


That’s it. I’m patenting the singularity pre-big bang.

If any artists want to use an infinitely massive universe of mass in a single point, then they’re going to have to buy a license from me.


That’s fine. I’ve already patented the next big bang.


My grovelling apologies. No idea how I failed to see that.


How do we know it’s not serving actual Deepak Chopra quotes?


I forgive you.


Let me know how it works out too!


I love Ramin Djawadi’s instrumental version from the Westworld soundtrack:


Looks cool. And black cherry scented, too!

But can it do this???


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