Kickstarting a kid-friendly steampunk graphic novel


Since this is a Cory headline, I assume this is really an Indiegogo for a pornographic cyberpunk webisode.

Says the original kickstarter was “kicktrolled”. What’s the story there?

A dubious backer pledged $10,000 to the campaign, and removed it days later – presumably just for laughs.

(Thanks for the shoutout, Cory!)

In before “I liked steampunk before it was cool, it’s all hipsters now” and/or “why do you love colonialism and sexual repression, you monster.”

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I don’t know anything about the people in this Kickstarter, but from what I see in the video and what a quick Google search tells me, this seems to be the kind of thing that Kickstarter is all about: raising funds for a truly independent artistic effort. Good for you guys. Hopefully the failure of some high-profile projects along with the success of projects like these marks a trend.

I mean…I’m not a steampunk fan, but this looks like a fun graphic novel, and it’s not Kirsten Bell or Robert Englund trying to do an end run around the usual studio backing effort, or some other established artist saying, “Hey, give me money.” Keep being awesome, indie artists, and keep being awesome, Internet.

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