Crowdfunding an old school gaming zine as part of Kickstarter's Zine Quest 2 campaign

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Yeah, it’s going to be a rough month for financial discipline… Props to Kickstarter for creating this campaign to help highlight a lot of creative folks and the DIY spirit of tabletop RPGs.

A few to highlight: Hunters in Death and Dice Roll Zine - I’m biased, as these are friends, but I also know their work, and both will be high quality and chock full of gaming goodness.

The Hidden Necropolis - written for the excellent old-school meets 5e hack, Five Torches Deep.

Yol’Najj Forest, a system neutral hexcrawl after a bit of a magical cataclysm.

The Phylactery : Old-school adventure hooks, insriation, NPCs, and stretch goal adventures. The art and maps are done by a few personal favorite artists, including Karl Stjernberg and JE Shields.

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I’m backing one project for sure (see below) and actually WROTE about 3/4 of another, which may or not make it onto this month’s promotional effort.

I wrote one article for Steve Jackson’s Hexagram. Pledging for an extra copy for my files:


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