Tabletop gamer's gift guide for 2018

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I’m still waiting to get my rewards for this but hopefully this is up other people’s alley too (once its available outside kickstarter)


I think “…and Zombies” would spice up any sort of game, even the old classics. Could you imagine:

Chutes & Ladders & Zombies
Hungry Hungry Hippos & Zombies
Monopoly & Zombies
The Game of Life & Zombies

Or for the more cerebral, Chess & Zombies

The possibilities are endless…


There’s an article/long-form advertisement about the making of A&A&Z over at Wizards of the Coast’s house organ Dragon+ (the digital successor to Dragon magazine).

Long story short: it took a couple of different tries to turn a simple “…and zombies” premise into a game that didn’t end with “… and everyone loses” almost every time. (And that also didn’t make the Allies and Axis ally against the zombie threat.)




KeyForge is $10/deck. Not $20.

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Though it wouldn’t arrive in time for end of year holiday gift season, if a gamer in your life had bought Steve Jackson Games Ogre Designers Edition or just has the 6th edition, SJG is now running a Kickstarter for the Battlefields expansion set with lots of goodies already funded. You could gift that and when it delivers in July its like gift season all over again!

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