What's new in tabletop gaming (November edition)


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I would love to run Dragon Heist




Coming up in my Gamer’s Gift Guide. Have you played it yet?


Yes. Went to the pre-launch this last weekend and then it came out yesterday and went to local event, which was casual.

I’m a recovering Dice Masters player and I have to say I love the pick and play and not worry about deck building and all the time it takes to do that.

I live in LA if you’re in the area I’d be more than happy to teach/show/play.

It’s great to get in on a game at the beginning too.


Is there anything like the skulls box with just human skulls and bones? I don’t play Warhammer or anything similar, but I would be totally down for building a miniature ossuary.


That would be great. But I live on the east coast. I haven’t played yet, but I’ve watched several play-throughs and it looks like fun.


Not that I know of. I did see a video on YT of a guy who built bone piles using the Citadel human skulls and dry spaghetti for bones. He added ends to some of the bones with epoxy putty and for many just used different lengths of the pasta. Looked pretty great by the time he was done.


My daughter and I played Lost Expedition last Christmas. After a couple of games, we put it away. It consists entirely of painful experiences, and you “win” if you steer your way through the less-painful ones and reach the end without dying. We didn’t find this fun.


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