Kickstarting an indie graphic novel about John Brown and Harper's Ferry

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He may have been a crazy son of a bitch, but he’s our crazy son of a bitch.


It’s about time. Now if someone would just make the movie. This story has been crying out for a big-screen treatment FOREVER.

Unfortunately the only on-screen version of him I know of is from Santa Fe Trail with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan.

It was 1940, so of course Brown was the bad guy in that film.

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Didn’t know about that one, thanks! But yeah, probably not the most insightful take on the subject…

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“Insightful” is probably not the right word, but for well-researched and entertaining…


As soon as I saw “John Brown”, I started wondering if there were any posts from Flashman fans. Probably just as well that you didn’t try to convey the essence of Flash Harry’s character…


I will second this… The adventures of Flashman are quite entertaining. He is a complete and total coward and asshole but totally a great read.


Almost all of my knowledge of 18th/19th century history came from the combination of Flashman, Aubrey/Maturin and Sharpe’s Rifles.


I absolutely adore the Flashman series. George MacDonald Frasier wrote such enjoyable novels. The big regret is there was only one film ever based on them, Royal Flash with Malcolm McDowell. It wasn’t a bad rendition, but it was not the best choice of novels to adapt.

For any fans of the Frasier’s books, I suggest his WWII memoirs, “Quartered Safe Out Here”. Probably the most accessible and readable accounts of the Burma campaign out there.

I’m just starting on my fourth time through the Aubrey/Maturin novels. So happy! ½ book down, 19½ (plus a fragment) to go…

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A few years ago I read his biography of Joseph Banks…while doing this:

(click through image for full album)

Thursday Island to Darwin on HMB Endeavour, two weeks under sail. :slight_smile:


That must have been an unforgettable experience! Hopefully you didnʻt incur being flogged.

Myself, I’m only halfway through the Canon – I’m trying to pace myself and savor every book. Do you find that your appreciation improves on multiple readings? If so, I may just plow ahead…

I’ve read 'em all at least half a dozen times each; they’re some of my standard comfort reading books. I’ve got them memorised to the point that there isn’t much suspense or surprise left, but they’re still a worthwhile read just to visit the characters and enjoy the journey.

Still, twenty novels aren’t enough; it would be lovely if there were more. Most of the similar things by other authors (Hornblower, Bolitho, etc) are a very pale imitation.

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