Kickstarting Bikequity, a feminist bicycle zine about class and social justice


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A feminist bike 'zine.

Must be Portland. And if it’s not, I don’t believe you.


That reminds me, I’m low on granola.


If there’s not a regular column about the interplay of Intersectionality and Intersections, I will be disappointed


I bet this guy will read it…


Called “Inter, Inter, Inter”?


It could be Oxford. It isn’t, but I could have been.

Edit: Just to clarify, I am supportive of this. Broken Spoke are pretty cool people in my experience.


What is the point of this post? Seriously, I would like to know, @doctorow. What are you hoping to accomplish by introducing this topic?


Feminism, cyclists, and social justice? Seems like a troll honeypot to me. All it needs is a gamergate reference to make the circle complete.


Zines. You’re forgetting zines.


Been there. All derby hats and fixies. Best to avoid.


wait bicycles, feminism…
why has this not been posted yet?


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