New Disruptors 71: Bike Activist and Publisher Elly Blue




The Joe Biel site you link to is for a different person (Joe's originally from Ohio, not Colorado). I'd simply link to Microcosm if I were you.

I wanted to say thank you for doing the podcasts featuring Elly and Nicole the last couple of days. I've had some unfortunate luck recently and it's inspiring to see women I know getting recognized for their work on a blog I love. It's inspiring!


This interview is fabulous! Elly is a bright thinker and a wise activist, one who encourages others to grow and experiment always! I appreciate the free-flowing go-anywhere of this conversation and Glenn, your questions were interesting and your own insights into the topics covered were swell.

I am a longtime, frequent participant in Seattle Critical Mass. As somebody who has engaged in Seattle's bike movements on many levels and am often put into the position of defending the worth of Critical Mass to those who maybe do not see the value of monthly direct action partying, I loved hearing the two of you so simply give CM its due. I do wonder why you, Glenn, felt compelled to point out that Seattle Critical Mass has "extreme elements," with "some issues?" I mean the question sincerely, and am not asking from a defensive posture, but a curious one. What are you referring to, exactly?

Thanks again for the great interview!


God, I'm sick of this kind of precious self-absorbed wanker. "Bike activist" my aching ass. All the things there are that someone could adopt as a political or social cause worth addressing, and hers is bicycles? Is it possible to get more pretentious? When this broad decides to take on an issue that actually matters a rat's ass to someone other than spandex-wearing yuppie millennial douchebags, wake me up.


There are some bike riders who don't fit your stereotype. Open your eyes. We're everywhere.


Alright, opinion noted.

Um, not my demographic. But hey, thanks for letting me know that what matters to me isn't actually what matters to me.




Get back in your lane. And remember stop lights apply to bikes too.


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