Kickstarting new Aquabats albums and TV shows!


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Reminds me of this cringing hero I saw recently in the Urban Nation museum, Berlin:


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 25 years. I went to a live show in Pomona at the Glass House in 2000/2001 where MC Bat Commander had his kid, who was maybe 5 or 6, crowd surfing using an inflatable crocodile pool floatie.


My kids had a play date at our house yesterday. They killed some time by giving me an “M.C. Bat Commander” makeover.



The TV show was gonzo fun. Great monsters!


The Aquabats! feat. Biz Markie!


I saw them supporting Bowling for Soup earlier this year and they had a kid crowdsurfing on a giant inflatable pizza slice. Got to meet MCBC afterwards and he’s super nice!


Hey, it this works we can use present tense not past tense! They stopped because their network packed up not because there was a problem with the show, they’re still pumping out ideas. Has anyone seen themini episodes that they’ve been putting out for the kickstarter?


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