Patti Smith says goodbye to Aqua Teen Hunger Force with this song

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My totally subjective opinion:

Much too beautiful for the end of a TV series I’ve never even heard of.

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I had no idea ATHF was still on. I’ve been looking for something to watch now that I’m all caught up on Adventure Time… Looks like I’ve found exactly what I’m looking for! I remember watching this like a decade ago and loving the absurdity of it…


Only bad part about this show is that it’s only 15 minutes long and it’s on at midnight here in EST.

FSMspeed, Frylock and Meatwad. Master Shake can suck it.

Dr.Weird was the best part of the show for me.
When the kid was 5 his favorite thing to say was Gentlemen Behold!


It’ll be frickin’ missed. Now get off my frickin’ lawn.


Now if they can just get Marianne Faithfull to voice Yellow Diamond…

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The Total Re-Carl episode remains one of the funniest things I have ever seen…

Does that mean my autographed master shake will be jumping in value?


I quit watching after the fourth season, I think, has it held up?

Where did you see Dana?

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This came out at a really formative time for me (early teens) and set a lot of crazy precedents for what screen-based humor could look and sound like. Usually on in the background as I tinkered with code or drew or played CS or whatever. It was fun to be on Ventrilo and comment & laugh about the programming with friends.

Ignignokt & Er always have a place in my heart. And the WWWYZZERDD. And that bunny!

Also remembering the early Adult Swim bumps now.

“All kids out of the pool for Adult Swim. Get out of the pool.

No eating in the pool! What is that? Wha-what is that? Pimento-cheese? Sir? What is that?

[bump image of sign which reads “Natatorium”] “I dunno. It’s another world for pool. Sounds fancy I guess.”

Preceded of course by Billy Mays hawking Orange Glo. Come to think of it, that was kinda surreal, too.


I’ll miss Frylock. And, sniff, Carl too.

–The Monarch (always arching)

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DragonCon years ago.

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