Kickstarting Night Witches, an RPG about WWII Soviet airwomen


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I think this is a really great project.
This is not about honoring Stalin’s ill fated friendship deal with Hitler’s Germany or the horrible way Soviet citizens were sacrificed as less valuable than a clip of rifle ammunition for the city of his namesake.
This is about the people, a unique unit of female combat airmen specifically, who were heroes in defeating the genocidal Reich and standing as volunteers among the combat forces of the USSR to be used and to proudly die as pawns to hold and push back that horrific menace to humanity almost singlehandedly for much of the war.


I’m totally backing it, sounds awesome and the historical setting is really interesting.

On the other hand my player hardly play fantasy races like elves or gnomes, much less those mystical and cryptic “fe-males”. It will be fun to surprise them with this!

I first learned about the Night Witches after visiting a museum in Moscow containing the works of portrait painter Alexander Shilov. There was a portrait of Nadezhda Popova, who died recently. The portrait was of her in later years, of course, wearing the medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Awesomeness. By the way, if you’re in the Seattle area, you can see a real Night Witch plane at Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection in Everett. Defend the Motherland from the Fascist Imperialists!!

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See, this is exactly the sort of female socialist game scenario GamerGate has been warning us about. #notallnazis


“Night Witch” would make a great cold-war-era adversary/uneasy ally for Captain America. Maybe she could even team up with Black Widow and Electra.

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