Kickstarting Papers & Paychecks, an RPG where you play "workers and students in an industrialized and technological society"


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Hey, the Wizardry priest!


I wonder if it’s in this target market as well.


Quite possibly my most favorite McSweeney’s article ever:


Wow, I came to say I’ve heard this joke before. I’m glad I didn’t hallucinate dream it.


Thanks for the article informing me of the kickstarter. I put in a pledge out of nostalgia of AD&D book that I have which had that cartoon (I still remember that cartoon).


Reminds me of Cubicles & Careers. Funny shorts if you have 10 min.


Thanks Cory for mentioning our Kickstarter. I was wondering whether one of the big geek fan sites would pick up on this, and it looks like you’ve come to the party. I was getting worried that nobody got the reference!

(BTW, thank you for your presentation in Melbourne in 2010 - and thanks to Boing Boing crew through all these years; I remember when it was hardcopy!)

Dan Davenport interviewed me recently on IRC as part of the interview and commented:“I have to say, this game has some solid mechanics for a game based on a joke”. The review is located at the following URL:


I still can’t get past the trees in zork. now this?


In the land of Foon they play Offices & Bosses


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