Kickstarting Reflectacles: super-reflective glasses-frames that look amazing

I doubt I can even get one lens in my prescription at that price, and if I could, I wouldn’t trust the quality. I only get glasses every five years or so because I usually wear contacts, so I can take the hit. Insurance takes care of much of it anyway.

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I buy several pair at a time with the idea that if 1 in 4 pair are decent then I’m ahead of the game. However, I have easy prescriptions (instead of wearing bifocals or trifocals I prefer to wear different glasses for distance, reading, and computing).

The quality is around as good as the glasses I used to buy from opticians for very substantially more. I gave up on the premium glasses when my expensive “unbreakable” Flexon frames snapped while cleaning and neither the optician nor the company would honor the warranty.


I expected as much. As annoying as bifocals are, carrying multiple pairs of glasses is even worse.

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Most of the online shops will do bifocals and transitions, of course. I’m usually doing just one thing at a time, not reading and driving for example, so decided long ago, when first prescribed bifocals, to go the multiple glasses route instead. As I don’t buy from Luxottica affiliates I can afford to just keep extra pairs of glasses in the car and office and not have to carry multiple pairs around, except sunglasses.

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A lot of the eye care industry is like one step above a scam. The products work, but people don’t really need them. Plus I’ve had my share of bad experiences with frames. I definitely sympathize. On the other hand, there’s a nearly four diopter difference between my near and far prescription, so my eyes don’t accommodate well at all.

Wearing contacts is far easier for me than having these magnifying glasses on my face.

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I’m in the eye care industry and been on boingboing for years. I can tell you that Urban Spectacles and Scott Urban is definately a cut above the rest. Uran Spectacles makes custom Eyewear for his clients, most his designs are bespoke one off hand made pieces. Reflectacles look like a fun way to give the maker community a piece of a super premium designer brand. Not my personal style but I know people that would love them.

PS - I have no financial affiliation with Urban Spectacles or Scott Urban, just admire his work.

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