Kickstarting Tak, a new Cheapass Game based on Patrick Rothfuss's "Wise Man's Fear"

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Tak does not require us to think of him, only that we think!


Forget the game and get that third book in the series done…please.


I’m thinking that I’d rather him deliver a polished final book, but, yes, please, reserve side projects as teasers alongside announceable progress.


Or you can print your own pieces for a few bucks at your local library:

The Kickstarter is probably the nicer set though :slight_smile:

Well that looks cool, but it’s not Azad.


Mmmm… I feel like the “simple rules but very deep strategy”-games, like Go, or even to a lesser extent Checkers, are very hard to get right, which probably explains why only a handful have survived the test of time.

Is it wrong that I wish someone would quickly code a program to see if this is easily solvable?

That said, I’m still interested, because I always want new two-player games, and my wife doesn’t like to play that are stereotypically-associated with intelligence, like Go and Chess.

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One thought is that Go and Chess were pretty much the only games in town for so many millennia. I mean, yeah, there were dice, and card games and whatnot, bit I’m not sure how much other games were competing in that design space.

It would be interesting to see if the number of possible board states (as a proxy for complexity) can be correlated with popularity over time.

Anyway, for a good list of abstracts, I always turn to BGG:

My current favorite is Quorridor!

Blokus, Hive - if you haven’t already got 'em.

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