Kickstarting the next Girl Genius collection

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For those keeping score at home, being called a “girl genius” is a-ok, but calling someone a “female basketball player” isn’t.

Let me help you out:

  • It is common practice to refer to a brilliant young lad (fictional or otherwise) as a “boy genius.”
  • It is NOT common practice to refer to a young man who plays basketball as a “male basketball player.”

Understand the difference?


I have loved this comic since it was in printed issue form, and I own all of the hardcovers. I backed this and can’t wait to add a fifteenth hardcover to my shelves.

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ethical and philosophical conundrums regarding the nature of artificial intelligence…

I’ve never understood how much of the Heterodyne universe is technology, and how much is flat-out magic. There’s an awful lot of handwaving.

Would the problems of AI be the same if it was magical, and not technological? Would it be any closer to having a “soul?”

I can only assume the above blurb is intended to be sardonic, for while Girl Genius may be many things, I would not call it profound.

I find it slightly surprising that there isn’t some big corporation ready to step up, throw money at this, and render the Kickstarter wholly unnecessary – even with associated stipulations about allowing the artists to retain the rights – but I know nothing of publishing, and I seem to recall they were screwed over quite badly at least once before.

My only ‘Waaaaah!!’ is that Kickstarter no longer accepts Paypal, or else I would be flinging money at them like Fry.
"Shut up and take my money!!’

I love Girl Genius. I only wish they’d actually get around to developing that role-playing source book they teased was in the works a few years ago.


I love Girl Genius too. A friend of mine was the first colorist for the series.

My only complaint is that for all the talk of “mad science”, there’s no science whatsoever. “Mad engineering” perhaps, or as another mentioned above, more like a form of magic. But they never test a theory or do anything resembling the scientific method.

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The mad science really is more in the vein of what the classic pulp adventure mad scientist would produce. Just apply lightning to bring the dead back to life sort of stuff. Which really is why Girl Genius appeals to me. It isn’t trying to be or use hard science, it’s embracing the classic pulp style.


Wasn’t my favorite Foglio creation but glad they are still active

In a similar vein, but more founded in science, I bought & deeply enjoyed The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua ( )

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