Kids find a cool unintended use for AirPods

Actually, very good. The one security risk is that bluetooth doesn’t require a password.

yeah but it’s harder to do in class while pretending to pay attention to the teacher.

That’s where long hair comes in handy.

If it’s a school supplied device, likely not. My kids have school-issued iPads that are pretty locked down within google ecosystem. They can’t share docs or the like outside of their .edu domain and there are no apps that allow any form of DM. @mallyboon, they are also required to have parent-supplied headphones (or pods, I suppose), so in many circumstances this would be a perfect foil. They already use shared gdocs as a DM platform, this just supplies audio as well.

And the point? Because they were told not to and they can anyway. Outsmarting the olds is a massive victory.


Ah, good point.


And the rates of ear infections suddenly soared…

I suppose it’s cool. However, the first time I ever saw a deaf person use their mobile phone to talk to someone in sign language (using Skype/Facetime) was the coolest thing ever.


That is the future we were promised. Like those videos of people hearing for the first time, nothing breaks me out in tears faster.


I’ve read all the comments and still not sure what’s ahppening here or if it’s actually any good. (I’m old).
Why not just listen to the teacher and get on with class (Yes, that old).

No worries, the technology will be obsolete and useless within moments. Before we know it these kids will be posting on the bbs saying “I’m so old that I remember trading AirPods to ‘talk’ in class!!”

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Possibly prepend title with either “Rich” or “Spoiled” and replace “cool” with “time wasting”…?

And get off my lawn!

Too bad. It’d fun for the teacher to throw the conversation up on the viewboard.

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