Kids react to sitting on Michael Myers' lap for a photo


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Sweet! My kids love Shrek!


Exactly! It is, I think, a little unfair.


That guy always looks like Jim Kerr to me.


Eddie: [complaining about his mask] I said Michael Myers!

JD: This is Mike Myers.

Bats: It should be the “Halloween” mask.

JD: This is a Halloween mask!

Bats: No, the killer dude from “Halloween”.

JD: Oh, you mean Jason.

Eddie, Bats: No!


That is a scary mask, but I don’t get the Halloween connection.


Came here to post the same. God, that movie was fun.


Thanks to both Knoxboxs, for opening my eyes to the fact that Jason and Michael Myers are two different franchises that I somehow skipped in my youth, and to cannibalpeas, for pointing out where that quote was from and opening my eyes to the idea that “Baby Driver” is actually a film I want to see.


Baby Driver is definitely a film you want to see. Im not usually a “cars and capers” kind of film fan, but this transcends on so many levels. That scene is just one in a long string of great dialogue, musical integration and really, really fun car stuff. And not a Bugatti or McLaren in sight.


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