Kids, science fiction, technology, democracy and surveillance

I sat down in Toronto with Steve Paikin and The Agenda, a great TVOntario programme, and talked about liberty, technology, kids, and surveillance. Agenda Plus: Cory Doctorow on the Future of the Library READ THE REST

Cory mentions an interesting response by the authorities to the global revolt against SOPA: that the protest must have been coordinated through Google. It was the same (exactly) in 1968 when the youth of the world spontaneously stood up against the wrongs against that generation. In almost every country on earth demonstrations were carried out against the war in Viet Nam, or against rising costs of education, or against racial injustice etc. These were independently organised events relating to issues in each country. The response of government was that this could only be a Marxist plot. Ordinary people like you or me could not possibly have a strong opinion of our own and be willing to act on it. It means, of course, that the powerful see all others as powerless, to their cost.

Currently reading Little Brother (which is excellent), so this was a nice bit of context…

You totally nailed a good few of those points, @doctorow . An interesting exploration of a bunch of issues, from an informed and nuanced position. Great job.

But tell me more about the Milgram prison experiment… I mean the Stanford obedience experiment : p

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