Scenes from today's national gun control student walkout

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Behold your doom, NRA and gun-huggers. It’s one thing to bribe legislators over age 50, quite another to try and hold back the tide of generational change that will kick them out of office just for associating with Lapierre and his scumbag organisation.


It’s always inspiring to see young people absolutely crush the older generation’s low expectations of them.

Like the Who said, the kids are alright. And they’re gonna outlive the opposition.


That’s basically accurate, but not in the way the school boards might think.

Unfortunately, when you look at tyrants who were taken down by armed rebellion, it often only leads to another tyrant taking his place-- Czar Nicholas II, Louis XVI, Batista, Shah Pahlavi, etc. etc. Or maybe that’s exactly what the NRA really wants.


I agree. And further, their actions will inspire others that might have been afraid - for whatever reason - to speak out.
What I hope shakes out from all of this - and other issues that directly counter the lives of most people - is that the control that concentrated monied interests have has to end.


Right. And that’ll be so useful now. Let me know if an AR-15 can be used to shoot down a Predator Drone.

Damn right on, they are! What a freaking brilliant bunch.

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Glad to see the youth are finding out for real how social media can be used to organize/be heard.

Oh yes my bright and vigorous children: you really do have the world by the balls!


Where to begin?

Let me know if a Kentucky long rifle can be used to sink a British Man of War.

the answer is no and yet…

If you don’t understand how Revolution, Insurgency, Amorphous operations, and other factors of real conflict work then may I suggest you google:

US Vs Viet Kong
Soviet Union Vs Afghanistan
US Vs Afghanistan
Colombia Vs FARC
US Vs Terror
US Vs Drugs

hell just read the US Army manual on the subject and then come back and argue

To anyone who tries to claim that kids are just taking any excuse to skip class:


An amazing opinion piece!

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i’m proud of and inspired by everyone who stood up and walked out, but big props go out especially to this guy, who was the ONLY ONE in his school to walk out:


President Trump on Monday abandoned his pledge to seek national-level reforms that the National Rifle Association opposed.

And once again, this is a perfect example of why Trump is not just an idiot, but a dangerous idiot.


Was chatting with another liberal leftie friend today about what all this means.

We agreed; it’s a sign, a symbol, a portent of things to come.

…In 20 years when this generation starts winning elected seats.

We won’t see much in the meantime.

Also obligatory shout-out that the Democratic party line on gun control is spending huge amounts of efforts on the one of the smallest parts of the gun violence pie (for the most part, White Children).


corporal punishment!!?!


Aside from my astonishment, the irony is delicious.

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He’s an amazing cartoonist, too.


Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to Afghanistan the last seventeen years, but predator drones suck at suppressing insurgents.