National anti-censorship orgs protest cancellation of Little Brother summer reading program



I hate to sound like an “old codger”, but this reminds me of the 1960s in the sense that the people in the school administration really don’t fear the sex and violence in the book, what they fear most is that it teaches forms of civil disobedience and ways to bypass rules of the “authorities”. There has been a constant tension, at least during my lifetime, between those who value obedience and conformity and those who value creative thinking and real freedom. The irony is that many of those who want to keep these books out of the hands of teenagers are also the ones who state loudest their belief in freedom.

What’s next - banning teenagers from owning computers and smartphones ?


Way to go Cory Doctorow. “la lutte continue” (“the struggle continues”). Vive la revolution! :slight_smile:

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