Kids wearing radar backpacks in effort to get drivers to slow down in school zones

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“If you didn’t want to be a victim, you should have…”

This sucks so much.


Then the one idiot driver who thinks that it’s a point value…



Just you wait, it won’t take long before kids hack those backpacks to display all kinds of signage and language on school premises.


Those LEDs require a hefty battery, btw. in addition to all the books/stuff kids have to carry.


Pretty sure if I had one of these as a kid, I’d just be riding my bike to see how fast I could go with it on…


A driver is travelling north on a straight road in his car at 30m/h, little Timmy runs as fast as he can, 12.5m/h, South-West past the car, they are both 200m from a school. The police can arrive in 45 seconds, how safe is everyone?

a) 100% safe.
b) I give it 50/50.
c) Not enough information in the question.


Relatively. But only 'til the police arrive…


I live (here in the UK) on a fairly busy road which has no footpath for most of its length. For the benefit of those who live in places which don’t have them, these are the paved areas at the sides of roads which are meant for pedestrians. Accordingly, our local council has erected speed-limit signs which indicate a Twenty-mile-an-hour speed limit. Twice a day I walk our dogs up this road (to a couple of different parks) - otherwise they would never get any kind of a walk. Routinely we are passed by at least half-a dozen vehicles travelling at thirty miles an hour AT LEAST. Statistically, 86% of drivers ignore 20 mph limit signs. What is one to do? I have fantasies of buying enough paint to create the visual illusion of speed-ramps. I would LOVE one of these signs. The worst bit is when the schools finish, and half the parents are rushing at illegal speeds to collect their kids while other parents are walking their own kids down this dangerous road. I agree, it may not make much difference, particulalry to those idiots who want to get a high score and damn the consequences. But it would soothe me.


I’m NOT saying you should buy some road patch and accidentally spill some across the road.
But if that did happen, you might want to put some caution paint around it.


Yeah, points AGAINST their license.
Kindly ask the officer for your “redemption certificate.”
Once you have enough of them, you can trade in your BMW for a Bicycle.
(Failure to accept this offer will earn you a certificate for “driving with a suspended license,” vehicle impoundment, and a stay at the Graybar Hotel.)

As a grown-ass adult, I still try to see if I can ride my bicycle over the speed limit when I pass a radar sign. Luckily, I have a fitness level which keeps me from getting thrown in the slammer.


Real headline: Cops deploy uncompensated child laborers.

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Not to mention the ballistic armor they need against school shoot–oh wait, this is Canada. Never mind!

Like, say, “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”?

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Nope, they don’t hear a thing over the sound of their revving engine and their pounding bass. And the teenagers are even worse.

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