Killer Mike retains designation as a national treasure!

A major financial pillar of the ATL black commuity got a huge boost this week, thanks to Mr. Michael Render:

Here is the original interview on a local hip hop station:


Taqu’il for President!

far out.

Just turned my friend at work on the Run The Jewels the other day.

Maybe I should switch banks. My old work forced me to use direct deposit so I went with Chase because it’s closest, but I’m still salty about the large banks vis-a-vis the subprime thing. I was thinking the L5P credit union to keep it in the neighborhood but maybe Citizens Trust would be cool. I am so ignorant about banking, though, I fear change. Plus my routines are pretty important as i was mentioning in the other thread.

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I can understand that! But sometimes change is good too.

RTJ kicks ass.

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