Killer Sally is a heartbreaking tale of abuse and trauma

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Sally, being a muscled and aggressive woman, did not fit the image of what a battered woman should look like.

Maybe if her husband looked like me they would have a point. But a roided out body builder who competes in the Mr. Olympia contest? That changes things considerably.

(And size doesn’t matter at all when it comes to emotional abuse.)


Heartbreaking. Whether based in actual fact in that very moment or not; that woman clearly felt in immediate danger due to the prolonged abuse.
I’ve been a victim of domestic violence (where mutual friends didn’t believe it due to how good you get at hiding it and my ‘strong personality’).
There’s no way she could fake what she said, that internal struggle she subtly revealed, how her children behaved in the interview room.
The arrogant prosecutor needs to find another vocation- perhaps reality tv star judging by his comments! Any normal human being would be kept awake at night at least pondering whether he had made a mistake?… ruined an already damaged family even further?? …not preening for the cameras.
I’m glad she’s found happiness.

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