Killing migrants, then and now

Continuing the discussion from Vladimir Putin's old Stasi ID card discovered:

One was done by border patrols and spring guns, the other is done by wilful neglect. Holding back ships trying to rescue people. Closing border checkpoints to people before they can even apply for asylum, forcing them on routes on which a great number will perish. This is quite efficient, and has already claimed a significantly higher number of lives than the first one over the course of its whole history, which is a desired effect aimed at discouraging others. At the bottom line, both are a violent suppression of migration movements out of political and economic consideration.

They are “entirely different” mainly in one regard, which is that the first was committed by a faraway, fallen regime that everybody loves to hate, free of charge, while the second is committed by our nations in our time, and people are afraid to objectively assess it as the massive crime that it is, because that would mean that we have to ask ourselves if we happen to be complicit or beneficiary in an ongoing mass murder.


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