Kim Jong-nam was killed with nerve agent

Impossible! VX wasn’t invented until 1952. WW1 ended in 1918! Those WW1 shells were filled with mostly mustard gas, which has probably lost most of it’s potency by now. When citing Wikipedia, you should read it first…


And they got it right the first time, which I personally find surprising. Was this attack tested before they went to KLIA? Did they do a fully integrated end-to-end test?

Gives me the horrors.

BTW the summary says final straw in a diplomatic vow

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I don’t see what’s impossible about it. It is possible to dump stuff into the ocean created after 1918. There are brand new things dumped into the ocean every day. According to the EOD personnel those shells recovered from the beach did not contain mustard gas or any chemical weapon but were explosive shells.

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It has been a long mistake filled day for me, I could swear you were saying that the 124 tons were the WW1 munitions but on rereading your post it looks like you weren’t. We did dump a large number of mustard shells after WW1. I’m the confused one, sorry.


VX can be delivered in binary weapons.


You have impressed me. Rarely do I see anyone here admitting error. I wish more people had your integrity.


It’s even worse than that.

This proves that the south Korean authorities has long expected the case since it worked out a scenario for it.

“The south Korean scum anticipated that we would murder Kim Jong-nam our citizen and made plans to accuse us of murdering him. Sad!”


I have a particular fondness for the phrase:

This proves that the Malaysian side is going to politicize the transfer of the body in utter disregard of international law and morality and thus attain a sinister purpose.

‘And thus attain a sinister purpose.’ Poetry.


I’ll see you canisters and raise you this.

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but “winners get to go home and fuck the prom queen,” so he’s got that going for him, which is alright.

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High Five!

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