Kim Jong-un’s brother killed with poison spray at airport


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I didn’t think he was important or anywhere near-enough connected to garner this sort of attention. Had he been making waves about returning to NK to do something drastic?

And to be killed…in an airport. Horrid. You’d get to look at airplanes in various states of being before succumbing to whatever toxin was used…and I DO like airplanes…but death in an airport sounds damned awful. RIP Kim


He was generally harmless. Pretty strange that he would need to be bumped off.


Some people can’t help but to act on impulse.



Why have a potentially different option walking around? There’s no better political rallying point than the disposable one.


i saw a family tree this morning that showed that he still has one brother left. if i were that dude, i’d be going incognito immediately.


That was rather blatant. Quiet, sure…but not as stealthy as jabbing someone with the tip of your umbrella.


It’s shit like this that make me annoyed at the “choice/you control your own destiny” crowd. A man wanted to go to a freaking amusement park. He had the money to travel there and get in, but look at how heavy the consequences were. Okay, sure, I don’t approve of dictators and nepotism either, but that’s a huge cost for wanting to hang out with the Mouse for a day. Even during the Cold War a Soviet diplomat could have managed that, so long as they remembered afterwards to say it was interesting but they had a lousy time.

It’s never good to hear about any murder, and this is a good reminder that the price of choices fluctuates drastically depending on the context.


Kim Jong Chul lives in North Korea. If Kim Jong Un wanted to have him killed, he would have no way of escape.


Why all the surprised faces ? Has no one here read ASOIAF?


You mean to say not everyone who visits Disneyland gets murdered in cold blood?


That’s an E ticket ride, my friend.


I lol’d.


He was critical of Kim Jung-Un. Really, this isn’t too surprising.


More directly, they don’t get disowned.

It’s a good, if extreme, example of what domestic abuse victims deal with.


If I could, I would do something good for you, like, I do not know, but SOMETHING nice, to reward you for that lovely belly laugh you just gave me. :slight_smile:


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