Kim Jong-Un's half-brother assassinated in Malaysia


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That… doesn’t rule out as many people as you would want…


Is this the same brother who was fed to ravenous wild dogs a few years back? Durable, isn’t he?


No, that was his uncle. Also not true, he was really executed by firing squad but well, in this age…


I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I think the third vector, “assassinated by women with poison needles,” rules out a whole bunch more of that 1970 surname Kim group.


Aw, that’s downright sweet compared to the stuff the rest of his family has been up to. Who can begrudge a lad for wanting a trip to Disneyland?


In a few years Disney will be unveiling TotalitarianLand. Right next to the Hall of Fascists (with an animatronic Trump as the newest feature), will be the “Kim Jong-Un Assassination Ride” where you get to see all sorts of pesky relatives being expertly disposed of.


Devastating news for the North Korean Olympic hopes in the 2018 Winter Games downhill event. The guy’s been tearing up the mountain lately.


KLIA and KLIA2 (or whatever Tony Fernandez calls it this week) are the two most secure structures in MY. KLIA is a massive concrete fortress with one road in and out with guards positioned along all roadways. KLIA2, despite multiple entry points from the terminal building to the parking lot, has only one road out. Both airports have substantial security (including explosives constantly placed on major structural elements to scuttle entire sections of the building - seriously - not that this applies here). That anyone could assassinate anyone and leave these buildings indicates ridiculously slow police response times - the assassination must have been very covert.


That’s only 22% of the Korean population after all.


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