Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping secretly met in #Beijing for historic first visit


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Did someone mention a specially armored train?



Doesn’t look terribly secret.


"If South Korea and the United States respond with good will to our efforts and create an atmosphere of peace and stability, and take phased, synchronized measures to achieve peace, the issue of the denuclearization of the peninsula can reach resolution,”

Translation: Give us the cheetos and I will no longer be hangry


Huh, I never knew Un was married


This is good news right?

Or maybe Kim is jealous of not being invited to the dictator parties?


There was also a private message from Xi to Trump, and I’m guessing it was also a message of hope and peace.

So then the white house follows up with the typical alpha bravado:
“We see this development as further evidence that our campaign of maximum pressure is creating the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue with North Korea,”

Just take the high road for once. Just once?


I had thought the wife had been disappeared or something but it looks like she’s still around.

No, it looks like it was the former girlfriend who was allegedly publicly executed by machine gun, along with other members of her pop band, but then later turned up on state TV.


I wonder if the same person that does Kim’s Chairman Mao haircut also does his eyebrows - or if that’s how they naturally look. (I have barely-there Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows, myself.)




Turns out they met at Secret Lake.

Where is Secret Lake you ask?

Nobody’s knows. It’s a secret.


I’m inordinately troubled by the fact that he’s my age and looks like an Austin Powers villain.


I’m the same vintage as Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.


But also Randy Couture, Johnny Depp, Mark Strong and Jason freakin’ Isaacs!


So, how long until Trump takes credit?


Hmm interesting. Probably a good move in the interest of Asian stability. It supports my theory that China was pressuring NK to meet with peace talks. But who knows. China certainly has more clout.


China certainly has more clout than the Cheeto meister.


He is lashing out about being “kiddie tabled” in the discussions. Nobody wants Trump around because he is just too stupid to take seriously.



It’s possible since the Chinese government affirmed their position on the official alliance they have with North Korea in that they will come to defend North Korea if the US and South Korea attempt any first strike but otherwise they will not engage in a first strike on the basis of their alliance. In a way, it seems China’s govt recognizes that it’s a no-win scenario to say they would unconditionally defend North Korea. I think they don’t want to be the German Empire of the 21st century. That would be an embarrassment.


A North Korea under the Chinese nuclear umbrella actually solves a lot of problems there. It means that North Korea would not act unilaterally without China’s approval.

But it makes the US look foolish in the process.