Kinetic sand - cool weird material to play with


I’m glad it’s gluten-free. I hate gluten in my sand.


98% sand… and 2% what? …and are you sure that 2% doesn’t have gluten in it?

And yeah, I want some as well.

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I would imagine this is a good substitute if not as good as the real thing…

Pretty sure it’s also called “magic sand” as demonstrated here by world treasure, Stephen Fry.

What happens if I drop it on the floor in a spot that a few minutes ago a cat was sleeping and then a toddler dropped goldfish cracker crumbs there on top of the cat fur?


98% sand, 2% Happy Fun Ball™.

Warning: May stick to certain types of skin.


The sand in the two videos don’t seem to have the same properties. The Swedish stuff sticks together in air while the British stuff is dry and flows in air but sticks together in water.

Anybody have any idea what the 2% is? I’m thinking this could be made at home if the recipe was known.

Man. That music. Stupidly cheerful and ever so slightly wistful. Every ad in the world at the moment. Like eating icecream while contemplating 3rd world hunger. Makes me want to kill someone. Is this Gen Y’s fault? I think it is. I’m pointing at you Gen Y. Explain yourselves!


Reaction image appropriate…

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Warning: Trypophobia trigger!


Found to be carcinogenic in 5, 4, 3…

Do not taunt Happy Fun Sand

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During the video they flash on the screen at one point that it’s gluten-free. They also say that in their FAQ for the product. Curiously, they seem to refer to it as “moon sand” in the FAQ.

I couldn’t find an MSDS from them, but they claim that each grain of sand is coated with a “polymer”.

Late last year, I broke a finger in an auto accident. I’m thinking this stuff could be good for physical therapy as I build my grip strength back.


You get super powers.

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Gluten FREE?

WTF are you supposed to eat it? Is Gluten such a hideous product it’ll slither out of your sand and murder you in your sleep?

We have this product in our Art Studios at the Bay Area Discovery Museum - it’s made by the same people who make Bubber, which is a pumice + wax concoction, very similar to moon sand. Kinetic sand really does have this amazing motion and texture…

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Amazon: “The secret to the movement is the patented technology hidden within the binder.”

But hell, I bet $21.99 for a fistful of 98% beach sand is more carcinogenic to my wallet than the 2% ‘technology’ is to my long-term health.

Kinetic Sand will never rob banks unless its kid needs an operation.