Swimming in a liquid sand hot tub


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I don’t like sand, it’s coarse, rough and gets in my science.


Gasp! That suggests so many fun ideas, of which replacing sand with glitter is only the beginning


I’m sure I would have been so much more engaged in middle school/high school science class if the lessons, or even videos, had been prepared this creatively.


It has a high yield fun factor.


Goggles suggested.


Glitter is herpes for your house. I am still finding golden glitter in weird places a year later.


You’re not alone. Scientists are suggesting glitter as we know it is as bad for the environment as plastic microbeads are


Fake Christmas tree ‘leaves’/‘needles’ too. Almost time to put up the tree again and I’m still vacuuming up last year’s.

Anyway, on-topic - wouldn’t the sand from this be very uncomfortable in various cracks and crevices?


would definitely recommend goggles


Those balls rising out of the sand were pretty creepy.


Great experiment and video, but personally I’d wear a very good mask.

Too much respirable crystalline silica and tremolite in that hot tub for me.


You just took my post. When I saw the young boy go under and saw the silica mist I was horrified. This is extremely idiotic and although I don’t think Boingboing has realized what they are popularizing, it reminds me of an NPR piece that glorified coal rolling as a fun all American thing to do. Sheesh…


Billions of years from now, as the sun goes red giant, the Earth will have mixed feelings. Down side: Oceans boil away. Up side: Glitter finally burns away, too.


“would definitely recommend goggles”

And bunghole sealant.


Would this be a good all-over-body pumice stone?

Don’t stay in there too long!


Can’t be worse than spending the day at the beach or going to some sand dunes :slight_smile: Where i grew up we had both though at least generally when you go to the beach you sometimes have access to showers before the ride home. Not so much with dunes.


this guy needs to be the next science guy. some producer lock this guy up in a contract and get rich off of his earnings.


In these days when so many people wastefully fill their families’ pools and hot tubs with water it’s good to see someone teaching their children good traditional Fremen values.


Naturally, my impulse is to combine that machine with this one, and create impossibly huge objects.