Jumping into a pool of 25 million water beads


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Never mind jumping into the pool, I want to see the clean up and disposal procedure.


My first response was revulsion at the waste. Second response - awesome


He used the phrase null hypothesis wrong. :confused: Otherwise that looks super fun, when you get paste the waste and pollutant aspect, as others are mentioning.


Compression on all sides, and smooth and slippery at the same time.
So, sort of like being in a huge sex toy?


When I saw the title, I first thought it said “25 million water BEDS” and I wondered where they fit them all!!!


If you click through to the other experiments, the last think the Backyard “Scientist” guy talks about is disposing of them.

Spoiler Alert: He uses 100lbs of salt to shrink them to a third of their volume then had them vacuumed up into a dump truck. Meh.


I’m sure you’ve heard of/seen those giant trampoline warehouse places. Think that with waterbeds. The old 70s ones with no stabilizing. Just the Big old bladder of water.

I’m thinking you’d need another type of video website to sponsor that video.


I was thinking that they could drain the water from the pool, to save maybe up to half the haulage fee, but the problem then is how to get the beads out: would they hoover up as readily as the bead/water slurry?

How much do 25 million water beads cost, anyway? Can he resell them?


(high estimate) $15k (10000/$6 on amazon)


Seems like it would be great low impact exercise.


Whatever you do, keep your mouth closed in this pool of choking hazard :open_mouth:


If he doesn’t clean them out soon it’s going to turn into a huge nasty Petri dish.


Watch the Back Yard Scientist video. He explained that he added a bunch of salt to the pool, that caused the waterballs to shrink. Once they shrunk up he just gathered them up and sent them to the landfill.


I hate these orbeez with a passion.
I’m great at parties.


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