Use water beads to suspend things in a jar


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Ah, a refraction index that matches the water it’s in. Fun for kids!


Do they release the water over time? Using them in flower pots suggests so.

The guy lets his cat play with them. So I guess they’re non-toxic?

Suspending something in jar using beads is just a short term thing, I guess. The water will probably get “icky” soon.



Tragic Robert Mapplethorpe isn’t alive to see this day.


Yeah my assumption is that the water beads (and the water) would get real nasty over time. Alternatively one can use glycerine instead of water, and clear glass marbles. They share the same refractive index and will disappear when fully submerged… don’t know if it gets funky over time though.


They tend to not get icky for me, but I guess I didn’t use phosphate-iron-nitrate paint on my figurine. The stuff was deprecated for use as anti-dust soil additive for horse paddies for reasons, though. Same index because 1,100:1 water:saccharide-inedible-to-mostly-everything. You’ll want to contact Amazon Prime service about Gin beads and Rye Vodka beads, then. Triple-sec, maybe. EtOH beads seem a little overmuch, even mixed with water.

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